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With various Tracking Methods

PARU Technology is the worldwide leader in tracking solution for utility,commercial, and residential solar energy systems, with over 800MW across the globe. After more than 20 years of R&D efforts, PARU’s innovations in solar tracking continue to provide the lowest production cost through reliable. (내용 수정)


Receives signals from sensors as solar/wind sensors, etc. and transfers those signals to “Slew Drive”, “Actuator” to control the tracker according to user’s configuration. The type of controller shall be variable to customers’ local conditions. Only 1 controller shall be offered per tracker.

- LCD Display

- Auto/Manual control

- Safety Mode

- Real-time tracking control

Linear Actuator

To control the vertical (elevation) angle of the tracker. Stokes of the Actuator can be changeable according to the tracking angles.

- High Degree corrosion protection

- Vibration resistant

- Duty cycle up to 100%

Real-time Sensor

A component that senses the location of the Sun and sends signals.

- E/W Sensor, sensing Sun’s East and West

- S/N Sensor, sensing Sun’s North and South

Slew Drive (Dual-Axis Only)

To control the horizontal (azimuth) angle of trackers.

- High torque transmission

- Reduced backlash

- Max. Load capacity and extended life





Appointed as a Solar PV Electric Power Generating System Quality Certified Company






LED Security Light High Efficiency Equipment Certified (Korea Energy Management Corporation)



Appointed as an Excellent Solar PV Tracking Electric power Generating System Product (Public Procurement Service)

Appointed as an Excellent LED Streetlight Product (Public Procurement Service)



Proved Direct Producing of Solar PV Equipment for Generating Electricity (Korea Federation of Small and Mediumsized Business)



Solar Tracking Equipment Performance Certified






Environmental Management System Certified






Quality Management System Certified



Registered Solar PV Tracking Device Patent



Excellent Procure Product Certified (LED Floodlighting Equipment)



Registered a Patent for Solar PV Inspection Equipment

Acquired Performance Certification(LED Floodlighting Equipment, Solar LED Streetlight) 






LH Construction Lighting Fixture Contest Exhibit Gold Medal(Outdoor Lighting Fixture)


Excellent Procure Product Certified(Solar PV Electric power Generating System, LED Streetlight Equipment)



Small and Medium Business Grand Prize(JeanlaNamdo)



Certified PARU Tracker DC 12V 129W UL

Worm Drive UL Certified

Actuator UL Certified

Controller UL Certified

SMPS 480W UL Certified



Registered as a Specializing Energy Saving Company (Korea Energy Management Corporation)

LED Indoor Light(Platelight, Downlight), KC Certified, High Efficiency Certified






KS Certified in LED Streetlight, Security Light Equipment, High Efficiency



Solar Structure Related Patent, Multi-Fuction LED Streetlight Patent

Wing Tilt Angle Controlling Equipment Patent, Small Electric Vehicle Carrier Patent

Lighting Fixture Heating System Patent, Wing Tilt Angle Controlling Equipment Patent for Wind Power Plant

Semi-automatic Solar Battery Board Angle Controlling Equipment Patent



Applying for Displayable Printed RF Label Manufacturing Method



‘100% Printed RFID Tag’ Introduced to Nature, World’s Best Science Magazine



TUV Certified in PV 6KW Dual Axis Tracker






Registered a Homebuilder Company(Korea Housing Builders Association)



Registered Metal Structure and Joiner’s Work Business (Sunchoen City Hall)






Electrical Construction Business Registered(JenlaNamdo)



New and Renewable Energy Specializing Company Registered (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)



Europe (CE Certified, Temperature & Humidity Controlling – AirCool)



NEP Certified in Solar PV Real-Time Tracking and Tracking Device (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)



Appointed as an Excellent Solar PV Tracking Product (Public Procurement Service)

Venture Corporate Confirmation (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)



PV Sensing and Tracking Device Performance Certified (Small and Mediumsized Business)

San Antonio Alamo PARU

San Antonio Alamo (2014~2016, USA)

2Axis, 400MW


A Korean leading solar PV company, Paru started one of the world’s largest solar projects with 400MW solar Tracking System (approximately $150 Million) here in this historical area. The land size of the project is 4 times bigger than Yeouido and also 1,700 times bigger than a soccer field. 400MW is enough electricity to run 400,000 households daily. Paru’s technology has been acknowledged and accepted not only domestically but also internationally. Paru’s Alamo project will be continued until 2016.

Young-Am Formula 1 F1 PARU

Young-Am Formula 1 (2012, KOREA)



JeonNam province receives the most amount of irradiance in Korea and it is 23% higher than that of Seoul. For this reason, 40% of the domestic solar facility is installed in JeonNam. The commercial operation of the Young-Am F1 solar plant at the Korea International Circuit Parking Lot in Young-Am, JeaonNam, has started in 2012. This Young-Am F1 solar plant is installed in the large area, equivalent to 30 soccer fields(226,000㎡). This plant is the biggest solar plant commercially operating since the beginning of RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) by the government in 2012. Young-Am F1 solar plant yearly produces about 18,000MWh electricity and provides it to 5000s households. In addition, this project was successful at reducing Co2 emission quantity. PARU completed to register for a CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) business at the UN.

Yeosu Expo PARU

Yeosu Expo (2012, KOREA)

Total 70 sites and 2,200kw

- Dual Axis tracker : 570kw/8 sites / Single Axis tracker : 100kw/2 sites


Total 8 million people visited the 2012 Yeosu Expo. The solar facility here was started to build on Dec, 2011 and completed 4 months later. The facility covers around the 46,918㎡area and 9.2 billion has been invested. Produced electricity from this facility was spent for a power source for the convention center. The plant produces 7200kWh daily and 2,570,000kWh yearly and this is enough to cover 700 households’ consumption of the electrical power. Through the eco-friendly electricity production, yearly about 1600 tons of greenhouse gas exhaustion can be reduced (equivalent to planting 275 20 year old pine trees).The Yeosu Expo solar PV plant, that contains PARU’s key component, showed the advanced Korean technology and the importance of the pro-environmentalism to the international crowd.

Suncheon City Agricultural Marine Product Market PARU

Suncheon City Agricultural & Marine Product Market (KOREA)



Suncheon city has worked with PARU in order to expand the use of renewable energy at the Suncheon Agricultural & Marine Product Market located in Heagwangro, Hearyongmeyon, Suncheon city. Suncheon city utilized 44200㎡ of abandoned land and invested in 10 billion won to install solar PV structure. The solar power amount is about 2,100kw/h.

Kangjin Public Cargo Vehicle PARU

Kangjin Public Cargo Vehicle Gargage (2013, KOREA)



Despite having the least fiscal self-reliance capability in Korea, With PARU, KangjinGun completed a 5MW/h capacity of solar structure at Public Cargo Vehicle Garage to find a sustainable non-tax growth income for the Gun (A sub-district in Korean). This garage covers an area of 146,975㎡ and 1300 large cargos can be parked. Up until the solar project started, this garage was not actively utilized. As the solar structure installed, it is expected to create 0.1 billion won revenue per year. 

International Garden Exposition Suncheon Bay PARU

International Garden Exposition Suncheon Bay (2013, KOREA)

Total 23 sites (Dual Axis tracker – 550kw / 6 sites)


The International Garden Exposition at Suncheon Bay was held from April 20th to October 20th in 2013. The average daily power consumption of the event is around 17,000kW and 5000kW is coming from the solar power. This 5000kW is the 32% of the total electricity consumption and if the weather is sunny, the solar PV electricity power share could reach up to 39%. When you convert the solar power amount to the electricity fee, it is equivalent in saving 750,000won per day and 20,000,000won per month. The solar heating collectors are installed in six areas including on the roof of NamDo restaurant and on the roof and the windows of the Wetland Center. PARU started manufacturing and installing the solar structure in October 2012 and completed in November in the same year.

Yahung Green Village PARU

Yahung Green Village (2014, KOREA)

PARU’s solar structure is installed in Yahung Town Green Village. The community center and fitness management room have solar lights which are 100% self-operated. This village produces energy by itself and saves the electricity fee. The energy welfare is taking place in this town and furthermore, the community is planning on creating an energy co-op that commercializes the electricity and to use its revenue for the residents’ welfare. Yahung Town was nominated as a Green Village by Korea Energy Management Corporation on April, 8th, 2014.

JeonNam Province Library PARU

JeonNam Province Library (KOREA)

JeonNam Province Library in NamAc new town, Muan, is an energy-saving type building that contains PARU’s key component in solar PV system and rainwater harvesting system. The library has a reference room, children’s info room, digital room and also provides a resting place for the community. In addition, by constructing a network that connects 286 libraries (52 public libraries and 234 small village libraries) in JeonNam province, this library earned a good reputation.

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