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Welcome to the Website of PARU.

My name is MoonSig Kang and I am the CEO of PARU.

For the last 20 years, since the company was established, PARU has developed solar PV, printed electronics, electric vehicles, small wind power, electric electronics, and bio-environment technology. PARU pioneered to drive the renewable energy fields and continuously pushes forward to provide a ‘clean, comfortable and natural’ space. PARU also displays as a secure financial organization and portrays various business portfolios.


PARU will contribute its best technology to the green environment field. To grow as a first and foremost 21st company, PARU will provide the best quality products through experienced background. Paru will continue to move forward to acquire global quality products, global level technology, and as well as the most advanced information network.


To return clients’ trust and to create a clean, comfortable and natural space for people, PARU will continue to work with you. 

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