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Solar Mounting System


Fixed type was established through the process including simplifying structure, convenience of constructing and installing, and minimizing welded areas. Fixed type is formed by a design which satisfied International Construction Standards. PARU continues to improve its technology for new structure, new method of construction, and reliable products that will minimize the after service costs.

PARU Fixed (Adjustment) Sun PV Tracker
PARU Fixed (Adjustment) Sun PV Tracker
Features of Fixed Type


  • Excellent safety in lower body structure

  • Reduced construction fee

  • Improving connecting construction quality with unified planes

  • Improved prevention on sagging and deformation after long-term



Fixed Type Specification

PARU Solar Mounting system Fixed Type Specification

PARU Global Project

solar energy Installation in the World

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Another Products


Dual-Axis Tracker produces the maximum efficiency of the solar PV regardless of the weather or temperature condition.

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Single Axis Tracker produces optimal efficiency of the solar PV. Compared to the Fixed type, this has up to 30% more of a generating efficiency.

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Solar Mounting system

Utilizing the fixed type’s structure simplification, construction, and easy installation, PARU developed a carport type solar product with a sense of taste and uniqueness.

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