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Solar Mounting System


Fixed type was established through the process including simplifying structure, convenience of constructing and installing, and minimizing welded areas. Fixed type is formed by a design which satisfied International Construction Standards. PARU continues to improve its technology for new structure, new method of construction, and reliable products that will minimize the after service costs.


Utilizing the fixed type’s structure simplification, construction, and easy installation, PARU developed a carport type solar product with a sense of taste and uniqueness. This type already has been installed quite a bit in Korea. Considering the parking space and features of the existed buildings, PARU has been working on developing the technology constantly. In addition, PARU works diligently on providing reliable products that minimize the after service costs.


Unsophisticated, but outstanding

Reliable driving system with lower maintenance

Actuates up to 100kWp with single DC motor


Fixed Type design has 6 key benefits

Lowest & optimized Production Cost

Simple assembly and rapid installation results in costs and efficient construction schedules.

Minimum Annual Power Consumption

During the overcast sky, the PARU tracker absorbed all the diffused light by moving the horizontal position. Optimized power consumption vs. other AC power tracker.

Low maintenance and Outstanding Longevity

Automatically drives to slow position at high wind speeds. Mechanical protection from over-travel. The simple and robust design requires minimum maintenance.

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Optimal Efficient Installation

The PARU Single Axis tracker offers fewer foundations per MW than the market average. Direct impact on CAPEX.

Simple link with Self-Power-Controller

The Self-Power-Controller(SPC) enables to require no AC power source for drive operating. It allows 10 days operation without recharging.    

High Reliability and Durability

Using the Magnesium Alloyed Metal (POSMAC) has resulted in the higher corrosion resistance quality and long life. PARU tracker system protects itself in high wind and faults conditions.   

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Features of Fixed Type

  • Excellent safety in lower body structure

  • Reduced construction fee

  • Improving connecting construction quality with unified planes

  • Improved prevention on sagging and deformation after long-term

[PARU Solar Tracker] Fixed Type Tracker01
[PARU Solar Tracker] Fixed Type Tracker03
[PARU Solar Tracker] Fixed Type Tracker02
[PARU Solar Tracker] Fixed Type Tracker04

Benefits of Using PARU Solar Carport Solutions

  • Cutom design available.

  • Foundation and installation options available.

  • Readily tailor to fit different modules and parking lots.

  • Custom colors and optional raised concrete piers are available

  • Wide selection of pre-engineered designs

       - Single-slope structures

       - Inverted design

       - Full Coverage

       - Tracker type

Fixed Type Specification

Module Array


Frame Material

Design Wind Speed

Structure Weight

2 Column 9 Row (18 Sheets)

2 Column

Steel / PosMAC


324kg (Module and foundation excluded)

Practical Cases


Single-slope structures are installed sloping toward the southern exposure to optimize solar production.

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Full Coverage

The full coverage design is utilized to cover whole parking area including the drive aisles between the parking rows. Typical applications are parking garages, drive-through and bus loading and unloading zones.

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Inverted Design

The inverted design provides increased clearance at the eaves while promoting snow to shed toward the center column of the structure.

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Tracker Type

The tracker type design are adopting our State-of-art technology real-time tracking system to maximize energy production.

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