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What's Solar PV System?

Solar PV system is a method of converting solar energy into direct current electricity using solar battery module and inverter. This renewable energy source can be easily installed at anywhere that receives abundant sunlight and it does not create pollution. Solar PV system can reach its maximum efficiency when installed facing the right South without the effect of shadow. The residential electric power has a progressive stage system; the more households use, the bigger the efficiency is. Solar-powered house has solar battery modules on the roof or windows and uses the direct electricity from them.

World’s Solar PV Development Market Status

The prospect of the world’s solar PV demand of 2015 will reach the range from the minimum of 52 GW to the maximum of 58GW while maintaining more than 15% of the high growth acceleration rate. The demand from China, Japan and USA is still substantial and despite of the low oil price, developing countries’ demand seems to increase as well. This growth rate will continue to increase till 2016 according to some specialized institutions and we expect this year to prosper in global solar PV market.  

Future of the World’s Solar PV Development

The change of the world’s energy paradigm has started, and the solar PV business among other renewable energy business will only become more stabilized. With the development of technology, mass production, and cost reduction solar business’ competitiveness will become stronger. A growing attention to the climate change will also work as a catalyst for the business to expand. As big corporations’ investment in downstream field marketing and the price reduction is getting competitive, competitions between the companies will only become more intense.

PARU Solar PV Development

PARU was established in 1993. Under the notion of ‘human-centered bio-energy’, PARU focused and developed spraying pest control machine with ceramic nozzle and automatic rail YAHO to advance the agricultural technology. Then later, under a new company notion, “From Bio-energy To Green Energy”, PARU has been expanding its green energy business area with developing a high efficient solar PV tracking system. Since then, based on this solar PV tracking technology, PARU has transformed into a company that performs domestic and international projects.

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