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PARU uses its own technology and facility to manufacture the best quality products. In Sunchon, the headquarters facility has the sensor and controller assembly lines and in Yulchon, the 2nd factory has the key component, welding, and assembly lines. Seoul office is in charge of domestic and international sales and marketing. PARU also has abroad corporate bodies that continue international solar projects.

Black & Veatch Certification


In 2014 Black & Veatch evaluated PARU and proved the qualification and requirements. This criteria could include certification, years in business, proven quality and client approach. Other factors include value-added products and services, record of on-time performance, and health and safety performance.

PARU Head Quarter Factory


In Sunchon, head quarter facility has the key component assembly lines for the solar tracking control system, sensor and controller. PARU also runs various tests to develop new products and prove their reliability using PARU’s own technology here in Sunchon.

PARU Industrial Complex Factory


PARU’s Yulchon factory focuses on manufacturing other key components including Actuator and Worm Drive, and maintaining a continuous quality assurance and production management. In addition, PARU works on producing flawless products with automatic welding lines of the Dual Axis tracking system.

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